Sunday, 1 October 2017

Colour Poems

Year 6 have been enjoying poems from Cosmic Disco, our class poetry text by Grace Nichols. Last
week we wrote and performed our own versions of the poem When the colours spoke.

What colour do you think is most important? Why?
Could you write a line or stanza that persuades others why your colour is most important?


  1. Sahayla Year 6 Red9:45 am, October 12, 2017

    I don't really think any colour is more important than another because they all were made to do the same thing they just came in different types they are each as important as the other,even though I wrote a stanza of why I thought black was the most important colour other people had there own opinions I thought black was important because the colour black holds a lot of history as in it wasn't one of the most accepted colours so I thought maybe I could show what it was worth through stanza I wrote.

  2. Use me, said Blue
    It's certainly true
    The world wouldn't survive without me
    From sapphire to navy
    I hold the sky and sea
    Water is survival and that's me

    I think that blue is the most important because it is the colour of the sky and sea and it's key to survival because if we did not have water we and the earth would not survive if there was no water and there would also be no life.

  3. Use me said blue
    I am the colour Marge's hair
    The galaxy would be clueless without me
    Water, sky and that kool aid
    you're drinking is the colour of me!
    So use me dont you sea
    i am here there and everywhere so you cant avoid me

  4. i think red is the most important colour because red is the colour of blood and without blood people would not be able to breath

    blue is also an important colour because more than half of the human body is made out of water, also if you don't drink water, you will die of thirst.