Thursday, 16 March 2017

Text talk

Mercutio, a relative of Prince Escalus and neither a Capulet or Montague, has been invited to the ball at Lord and Lady Capulet's house. This was the ball where Count Paris attempts to win Juliet's heart. The night before Mercutio texts his close friend Romeo and asks him to come along,

What do you think they said in their texts?

How did he persuade Romeo to come along to the ball? What would have been the incentive?

Remember that both Mercutio and Romeo would understand the risks of a Montague attending a Capulet ball.


  1. Oshane nathan 4 red10:00 am, March 16, 2017

    Mercutiao: Hey Romeo do you want to go to a party.But it is Lord.c's party but you can come ... But we can sneak in. True but we can where outfits to camouflage our self. Oh yeah to be continued

    Remeo: sure No no no no thier our arch enemies . Also it is way to dangerous to go in a party wich is full of Capulets. Guess what you have no reason to bring me there do you .

  2. Mercutio: said hi Romeo how do you do and how was your day? Romeo: I'm fine thank you very much and I had a lovely day and I had a nice time

    1. Mercutio: Do you want to go to a party
      Romeo: Sure why not
      Mercutio: Good meet me there
      Romeo: What do I have to wear
      Mercutio: a mask
      Romeo: ok what time should I come
      Mercutio: 9:00
      Romeo: Ok

  3. Mercutio; hi Romeo what are you going to do tommorow evening.
    Romeo; no plans nothing much do you have a plan.
    Mercutio; well there`s a brilliant party going on and guess what i can get you in. are you interested.
    Romeo; i`m really not sure i went to a party yesterday and i`m tired.
    Mercutio ; i desperately want you come there`s dancing food you even get to where a mask and a fabulous hat.
    Romeo; i will go there i could think about it 100 percent im going.
    Mercutio; there could be some capulets there dont worry at all you have a mask

    1. Marius, wouldn't Romeo still be worried that they might get caught?

  4. Mercutio:Hi Romeo, what are you doing tomorrow night?
    Romeo:Nothing much, why do you have any plans?
    Mercutio:Well there is an awesome party going on this night, do you wanna come?
    Romeo:Not sure Im so tired about that party two days ago.
    Mercutio:Are you sure?
    Romeo:Yes Im sure, why do you want me to come anyways?
    to be continued....

    1. Don't forget, Rosaline is still in Romeo's thoughts. Continue this exchange Guillermo.

    2. Mercutio: So are you coming?
      Romeo: Is Rosaline going to be there?
      Mercutio: I am not sure but you can come with me and see if she is going to be there.
      Romeo: I am coming then .

  5. Mercurio:Hi Romeo what are you doing tomorrow night?
    Romeo:Nothing much,why do you have a plan?
    Mercurio:well there's an amazing party going on and guess what I can get you in.are you interested to cum?
    Romeo:Not sure, I went to a party two days ago and my back hurts.
    Mercurio:so you cunt go?
    Romeo: I mite not go if it hreret's a lot?
    Mercurio:it would not heret it is only dawn the street.
    Romeo: I nerve now that I get I will go.

  6. Mecutio:Hi how are you doing? listen forget about rosaline Ok I have got A better plan rather than being bored sitting at home.I have got are you interested?
    ROMEO:Not sure.
    Mecutio:are you in?
    to be continued...

  7. Mercutio:hi Romeo are you doing anything?
    Romeo: No why do you have a plan or something?
    Mercutio: amigo you no me too well we are going to the best party in my world!
    Romeo: i have something to do sorry maybe next time .
    Mercutio: you always make excuses to get out of stuff Romeo to be continued

    1. Mercutio will have to be more persuasive Oshane. Why will this ball be so good?

    2. Mercutio: Romeo have you ever wanted to sneak into a Capulet party before?
      Romeo: Why did you ask?
      Merutio: It is not a Capulet party to destroy, it is a Capulet party to party at!
      Romeo: You know I was going to say no anyways so why did you ask?
      Mercutio: So do you remember the game that we used to play when we were young? Well it is time to redeem my Pro skills.
      Romeo: Say whaaat now!?
      Mercutio: You heard me didn't you .
      Romeo: Yeah I did :(
      Mercutio: so lets begin :D
      Romeo:Okay get your gaming console and play overwatch.
      Mercitio: I pick Genji.
      Romeo: I pick Tracer.
      Mercutio: I won!!!! I control you for a whole day. Now lets go to that Capulet party sneakily.

  8. Mercutio: Romeo are you available tomorrow night?
    Romeo: What do you think
    Mercutio: Well there's an awesome party and I'm invited but I don't want to go without my best buddy so what do you say are you in?
    Romeo : A Capulet might be there
    Mercutio: I've got you covered
    To be continued...

    1. There will be Capulets everywhere David! Continue this please.

    2. Romeo: And how are you going to do that
      Mercutio: Well I've got a little master plan up my sleeve
      Romeo: Your plans never work tell me the last time your plan has ACTUALLY worked
      Mercutio: Well there was hmm
      Romeo: Never so what makes you think your plan would work?
      Mercutio: Nothing anyway I just want you to come because Rosiline would be there
      Romeo: Rosiline's going. Oh I'm so going to that party
      Mercutio: Wait so were at an agreement?
      Romeo: yes
      Mercutio: So now that we've agreed an all that party happens to be a Capulet party so see you tomorrow at 8 so bye
      Romeo: MERCTUIO

  9. Mercutio: Hi what are you doing tomorrow night?
    Romeo:Nothing much?what are you thinking?
    Mercutio:Well you see there a big party happening and I could get you in!
    Romeo:I really don't want to come you see after what happend with me and Rossline I'm really not into it.
    Mercutio:Come on there will be dancing and I heard there will be a choclate water fountain and maybe you mite see Rossline.
    Romeo:Well ok be contined.

    1. Have you explained that it is a Capulet party Hafsa and what will Romeo's reaction be?

  10. mercutio: hey my best friend what are you doing to night
    Romeo: I'am gust watching telly and i know you are up to something spit it out what do you want.
    mercutio: oh nothing there guts this party i want to come at there is loads of lades there
    Romeo:not interested in lades also you have no be continued

  11. Mercutio:
    Hey romeo what are you going to do tonight?
    Im not really sure , why do you have a plan.
    yes I do there is this party going on do you want to go
    Romeo: but I went to a party two days ago so yeah Isteel feel tired.
    Mercutio: but why if I was you i would go come on it is going to be great! to b e continued

  12. Mercutio: Hi Romeo what are you doing this night.?
    Romeo: noting much, why do you have a plan?
    Mercutio: yes yes i do.
    Romeo: cool, what is it
    Mercutio: well... There is a asom party this night.
    Romeo: Na don't want to go to it I'm still tired from the party 2 days ago
    Mercutio: aw come it is going to be a good time there going to be dancing food.
    Romeo: fine I'll go.
    Mercutio: yay!
    Romeo: calm down mercutio
    Mercutio: It is a capulet party but I will sneak you in

    1. Romeo: I'm trusting you mercucio
      Mercucio: Ok meet me at the capulet garden at 9:00
      Romeo: OK I'll be there at 9:00
      Mercucio : and come in a suit so you blend in with the crowd
      Romeo: I'll be there in a suit

  13. Mercutio:
    Hi Romeo, what are you doing on Saturday night?
    Nothing much, why what do you have a idea?
    To be continued.

    1. Mercutio:
      I think i,m fine were i am, thanks for the idea.
      No Rosiline is going to be there.
      Fine fine fine i will come.
      It will be 9pm to 3am.........

  14. Mercutio:Hey,Romeo do you have any plans for tonight?
    Mercutio:Well,I was wondering if you would like to come to this really cool party?
    To be continued...

  15. mercutio: what are you doing to day romeo romeo:not much what are you doing mercutio: I am going to the bast party ever and I have a plan to get you in romeo:what cind of plan mercutio to get you in to the party do you want come romeo:yes

  16. Mercutio: Hi Romeo, do you have anything to do today?
    Romeo: Nothing, I've got nothing to do today just stay in my room thinking about Rozaline. Do you have a plan?
    Mercutio: Forget about her. I've got a brilliant idea, do you want to go to an awesome party with me?
    Romeo: I am so tired and plus, I have already went to a party two days ago. Give me three reasons why I should go to this awesome party with you.
    Mercutio: First because there will be food, second because there will be dancing, and third because you will be able to meet a young women to marry when you are older.
    Romeo: give me two more reasons so I can go to the party
    Mercutio: Because Lord and Lady Capulet let me invite someone to the party and because I am your best friend.
    Romeo: Alright, I will go with you to the party and I promise. To be continued.

    1. Continue this Nicole. Maybe Romeo is convinced that if he uses his mask, his identity will never be discovered.

    2. Mercucio: Thank you but where a mask so no one knows who you are
      Romeo: Who's planned the party?
      Mercurcio: Did you see that I wrote, Lord and Lady Capulet!
      Romeo: No you didn't
      Mercutio: Check Romeo, check
      Romeo: Oh yes you did, sorry. But why didn't you tell me!
      Mercuric: Oh, but you still need to come because you promised.
      Romeo: Ok I will go but at what time.
      Mercutio: 10:30pm would be perfect. But the party starts at 11:00pm sharp so be there on time and you would be able to enter.
      Romeo: Just give me one more reason and I promise I will be there.
      Mercutio: Because Rozaline will be there.
      Romeo: Rozaline, my heart and soul I am going to that party no matter what and this time I am going to impress her and I will never give up. She is the most beautiful women in the world and she will always be!
      Mercutio: See you later
      Romeo: See you later Mercutio.

  17. Mercutio: Hi best friend, how was your day?
    Romeo: It was fine how was yours?
    Mercutio: Romeo, you should know when I text you how was your day I usually have a plan.
    Romeo: Oh yea I forgot about that so what is your plan?
    Mercutio: I have just been invited to the party of the century and i would love to take a certain someone, eh?
    Romeo: Who is it ?
    Mercutio: Oh Romeo you imbecile, its you hig to do when it is.
    Romeo: Nah I probably have something on the day it is happening.

    To be continued...

    1. Move this exchange along now Tofe. It's time for Mercutio to explain that it is a Capulet party.

    2. Mercutio: Romeo , my mother she said if you don't come she might pass away anhe party are you god that might be her last chance to see your face.
      Romeo: Oh I forgot about your mums condition that you told me about, how is she , wait how come i have never seen her since she has been in her condition huh!
      Mercutio: Well you see you are not allowed to be near her without some kind of protection.So about the party are you in for the biggest adventure of your life!
      Romeo: Ok
      Romeo: So who's party is it.
      Mercutio: A Capulet party

  18. Mercutio: Hey bro, ngot any plans tomorrow night. I want to know.
    Romeo: Nothing really, what do you mean plan`s.
    Mercutio: its gonna be so cool, enjoy life as much you can forget about Rosaline shes boring anyway.
    Romeo: What type of party?
    Mercutio: umm... cakes, dancing like chris brown or William and Michael Jackson.
    Romeo: Whats up with the [umm] for.
    Mercutio: Fine I confess its a Capulet party and I can put you in a suit but put on a different voice but you may need some make up on you
    Romeo: Mmm, ok hope fully nothing bad happens!
    To be continued ...

    1. How else could they conceal their identities Tamari?

    2. They could fit in to one clothes then when thy get pass the guards they could wear there normal clothes.

  19. Mercutio: Hey Romeo, what's up?
    Romeo: Nothing much, you?
    Mercutio: I've just been invited to a party! What d'you think?
    Romeo: Well, what party would it be?
    Romeo: Hmm?
    Mercutio: Er, I...
    Romeo:Tell me!
    Mercutio: I-It's a C-Capulet party, Okay!
    Romeo: Oh... I can't go. I wasn't even planning on going because of Rosaline.
    Mercutio: Oh, come on! There are plenty more fish in the wonderful sea.
    Mercutio: Especially at this party!
    Romeo: Oh, fine!
    Romeo: But what will we do there?
    Mercutio: E-ver-y-thing!
    Romeo: Okay, but how will we get in exactly?
    Mercutio: Meet me at 10:00, yeah? I'll tell you at Capulet Towers.
    Romeo: See you then.

    1. Romeo gave in quite easily Fathia. Surely he would have needed more convincing. Wouldn't he have explained the potential danger to himself and his family?

    2. Romeo: What's up, my friend!
      Mercutio: Well, nothing much.
      Romeo: I really don't believe you now...
      Mercutio: There is nothing to worry about. Nothing at all.
      Mercutio: Seriously, man. I have nothing to hide...except the fact I was invited to a party! Wanna come?
      Romeo: Sure! But who's party is it? Hmm?
      Mercutio: It's just a party, no concerns with details and stuff...
      Romeo: Nope, I'm not coming. I already know that the Capulet Family are hosting.
      Mercutio: I know, but would you not like to have any fun once in your life?
      Mercutio: Maybe a mask might cover your face, or a costume might disguise you.
      Romeo: Maybe, but no. Final answer.
      Mercutio: Aw man! I even heard that Rosaline might be there. Maybe an even prettier girl.
      Romeo: R..Rosaline? Okay, but no costume, no mask. What will I do?
      Romeo: I'd have to tell my father, or mother.
      Mercutio: No! We'll sneak in at night when all are asleep! Obviously!
      Mercutio: I already have costumes prepared, let's just go!
      Romeo: Okay, but one condition. I don't and I mean DON'T get caught, and I get to see Rosaline.
      Mercutio: Oi oi! That's two! But okay, fine.
      Romeo: Good, now 10:00 in front of mine?
      Mercutio: Sure thing, my man.

  20. Kermarley 4 Blue6:22 pm, March 19, 2017

    Mercutio: Hi bro hows it going? Doing any thing fun tonight?
    Romeo: No not really, hey why did you ask that?
    Mercutio: because I wanted to.
    Romeo: Come on Mercutio, I know your hiding something. Just spit it out now.
    Mercutio: Ok ok! The Caplets are having the best PARTY EVER. So will you come?
    Romeo: Well if its for the best yes i'll come.
    To be continued ...

    1. Wouldn't Romeo be a bit concerned that this is a Capulet party Kermarley? I think he will need more convincing. Also is he still upset because of Rosaline?

  21. Mercutio: Hey Romeo, what's up?
    Romeo: Noting much, why do you have a plan?
    Mercutio: yes yes i do.
    Romeo: cool, what is it
    Mercutio: well... There is a asom party this night.
    Romeo: Hmm?
    Mercutio: I-It's a C-Capulet party, Okay!
    Romeo: Oh... I can't go. I wasn't even planning on going because of Rosaline.
    Mercutio: Oh, come on! There are plenty more Grlis in the wonderful Wolid
    Romeo:N-O Spells NO!!!
    Romeo: fine I'll go.
    Mercutio: yay!!!
    Romeo: calm down Mercutio
    Romeo: but how will we get in exactly?
    Mercutio: Meet me at 10:45, I'll tell you at Capulet Towers.
    Romeo: See you then.

  22. Mercutio: I know a way how to sneak into the party.
    Romeo: How are you going to sneak us in to the party?
    Mercutio: Let's just say I've got a little plan.
    Romeo: Tell me, tell me the plan.
    Mercutio: I'm not telling you. It's meant to be a secret.
    Romeo: Tell me. Mercutio: No.
    Romeo: Tell me or I'm not your friend.
    Mercutio: Just come to the party and then I will tell you the plan.
    Romeo: Ok see you there.

  23. Mercutio: Hey Romeo,I got this invitation to this really cool party tonight!
    Romeo: It's the Capulet masquerade party right?
    Mercutio: Phssh no!
    Mercutio: Ok,yes
    Romeo: Well then NO!
    Mercutio: What is your best thing in the whole entire world?
    Romeo: Chocolate and also Rosaline. But i'm still trying to get over her rejection
    Mercutio: Rosaline and a chocolate fountain is going to be there
    Romeo: Ok i'll be there
    Mercutio: Deal! 8:45 pm my place be there!

  24. Mercutio say hey Romeo I got this cool letter to party

    Romeo say I don't want to go to party I am still finding hard to go over rosaline

    promise you if u go to party will find somebody else everybody invited so you can love somebody else

    Romeo find then I will come

    Mercutio deal at 6.34 pm

  25. Mercutio:romeo,are you coming to the caplet ball tonight?
    Romeo:Mercutio,don't you realise how risky this is going to be IF I attended the ball
    Mercutio:Reguardless or not you can't be a wimpy romeo for your whole life.
    Romeo:Fine just don't call me a wimp, you nknow how much I hate being called that.
    Mercurio:great, my place at 8 o-clock