Friday, 13 October 2017

Perfecting poetry

Year 5 were very fortunate to have a visit from John Lyons. He showed us the following words:

What do you notice about these words?
What links can you see?

Can you write a stanza of a poem? 
Remember John's top tips:
1. Show, don't tell
2. Senses
3. Similes


  1. i have a object don`t know what it is.
    it`s smaller than a bus but it has 4 windows.
    it can be any can be any color but my ones red.
    it`s smaller than a lorry but wider than a moped
    oh i know it`s a car.
    i have a object i know what it is.

  2. Guillermo (5 Red)2:44 pm, October 18, 2017

    I always wanted to go on a shining, hot day to a place that has blue and kind of yellow. Play with the smooth yellow thing and go in the gleaming, shining blue liquid. Than I would get out of the gleaming blue liquid and play with a red circle shape. Then I would get something that you can see under the blue liquid to see creatures.

  3. 123 you can play like me
    turn on your consle let have some fun
    fifa 18 has just beguan
    123 you can play like me
    ha ha l have won gameing time
    have just beguan
    123 you can play like me
    it time for overwatch!
    123 you can play like me
    boddun boddun
    you can play like me.

  4. They go spishing and sploshing in the water. They are very hungry do not go near them or they will fight. Try not to walk away that will not help. Just run away as quick as you can.

  5. I have realized that imagination and image are in the same line. tell me mama were dose the sun come from

  6. Maliea and Yessica 5red2:51 pm, October 18, 2017

    I am as fast as a cheetah,but I'm as cute as a baby,you might think I'm silly but you don't want to see Kady.Kady would chase me right down the road,she'll do it to you even if you were a toad.

  7. Liani and Hafsa 5 red2:56 pm, October 18, 2017

    You can't live without it helps peoples life but people regret it# so sad. Sometimes It drop but cant do anything about it hope it lives through life because its one of the best thing but we'll be grumpy as a elephant without it!!!! this thing is marvellous as Miss Smith.
    By Liani and Hafsa

  8. the thing what i see about these words
    is that the letters I,M,A,G are all lined up in the same rows

    this poem is called

    [what could it be]
    There are three different colors one color is really light the way you make it is you mix red and white and i want to fly a kite, one is really a color like normal leaves you make it with blue and yellow hey little fellow and one is a color for leaves when it becomes spring you make it with blue and green hey im a teen the thing is shaped like a leaf but what could it be? is it me or is it she what could it be? sorry misses can i have some tea?

  9. Maybe you're not good for me but you are as crunchy as nuts,
    I know you're not good for me but you are as spicy as pepper.
    I know you're not good for me but I love the taste of those salty bugs
    I know you're not good for me but you are as long as a stick and as fat as turkey
    I know you're good for me because I see that aeroplane in the sky especially when you crash into Bloody Sauce.
    You know I love Chicken and Chips!!!!

  10. It's as flat as cheese
    It's as ruff as hair
    It's not diliciouse
    I don't go there
    It swoop by me
    It went swirls
    And curves

  11. It's sour.
    It can be purple,green,blue
    it's sour at first but it taste good at the end
    it can be a challenge to eat but its fun and worth it
    it's sweets to eat as a treat
    its called ........