Thursday, 4 May 2017

A scene of maths

How can you connect maths to this scene?


  1. There are three chairs 1+2=3
    There are two book shelfs 1x2=2
    There are two carpets 1+1=2
    There are four paintings 3+1=4

    1. can you see anything else?

  2. i can see an acute angle on the chair

  3. angles (acute,obtuse,right angle and reflex) there is a right angle on the corner of the closest shelf. There is a acute angle on the top of the furthest shelf, it is acute angle because it is smaller than 90 degrees which is a right angle. There is an obtuse angle on the cover of the book shelf, it is obtuse because it is more than 90 degrees.

  4. 10 book 5+5=10
    6 chairs 5+1=6

  5. there is a right angle on the bookshelf,the triangle on the bookshelf is an acute angle but we want to make it a reflex

  6. the top of the bookshelf is and acute [28 degrees] we want to make it a reflex angle at [199 degrees]

    awnser the question

  7. There are three chairs 5-2=3
    There are three figures 2+1=3
    How many book chefs are there?
    There are three carpet s 10-7=3

  8. There area three chairs.1+2=3
    There are three carpets1+2=3
    There are four statues1+3=4
    There are two tables1+1=2

  9. Time. There is a clock in this image. If the time was 3:30 what time would it be in half an hour. The answer would be 4:00

  10. Ashraf and Edem2:30 pm, May 05, 2017

    The statue's head is an acute angle.

  11. I can see a 90 degrees right angle on the frame
    There is a 2 carpets 1+1=2
    There is 4 statues on the wardrobe 2x2=4
    There is a less than 90 degrees angle