Saturday, 10 December 2016

Hansel and Gretel a new version ...

In Year 3 we have been reading and writing about several different versions of Hansel and Gretel.

Now it is your chance to write your very own interpretation of what really happened.
You can change the story in any way you like.
Whether it be the setting, the characters or the witch's house, it's your story to take complete ownership of.


  1. Everyone knows the story of Hansel and Gretel,or at least they think they do.But just as history has a way of repeating it self so do fairytales.My version is not set in a deep forest it's set a city called Clapton.Most children are like 2016 but Harry and Grace were always bickering about who

  2. Everybody knows the story of Hansel and Gretel

    My version there's a boy called Ryan and a girl called Chloe

    Everyday they always argue over toys and computer games.Their stepmother threw the toys in the bin.Ryan feels angry at Chloe and Chloe feels angry at Ryan.They always saw it out of their house.

    One day the stepmother was fed up of the children the children was sad about their toys.The stepmother said"I'm goin somewhere want to come" the children said"yes" so they went to a conkre jungle and the stepmother left them there.until they found a house made of toys...
    They went inside a witch appeared they felt scared the witch pretended to be nice but she is a wicked witch she pushed Ryan into the box and wanted to eat him.Another day Chloe pushed the witch into the water and the witch drowned they celebrated with joy and lived happily ever after

  3. Once a pon a time there lived a girl and a boy named hansel and Gretel .They lived in Russia with there father and stepmother it all began when they were stairs because they herd their stepmother said tomorrow we are leaving them in the forest because we only have a little to eat that is why they sore a train bow pass they thought they were safe but they were not safe at all the next day hansel said I would collect Leeds to find are way back the leafs were blown away so they cept walking and they sore the witches house it was made out of bubble gum mint pas tree and lace buskers the witch wanted to eat them but she died and found there way back

  4. Hansel and Gretal

    In a distance city called New York in New York lived a rich man who has a great wife and two kids who are ardrbal.One morning in the house they were going to the woods and found a house with a witch in it everyone ran of but hansel and Gretal didn't they went in and found a wicked which
    In side and the witch locked hansel in an cage and ordered Gretal to do chors all day long but the next day she was hungry so she put on the oven and said I don't know how to show me how stupid kide ok she pushed her in and found treasure and gave it away for a car.

    The End

  5. In hansel and Gretel ths story is much better because I can not belive that it is set in Africa.

  6. once upon a time there lived a little boy called HANSEL and a little girl called GRETAL dad and evil stepmother the stepmother was secretly evil one night the stepmother said to the dad lets leave the kids in the woods but HANSEL heard every thing so decided to do something about it the next day the dad left them in the woods but hansel found a way