Thursday, 15 March 2018

Creative Writing Challenge

We are looking for you to continue the story below. Aim to write as much as you can and remember, if you haven't finished you can always end your comment with To be continued. Simply publish your comment and then continue at a later date.

The girls huddled together and peered cautiously out of their bedroom window. They had been awoken, just moments earlier, by a strange light that burst through their curtains, filling the room with a silvery, white hue.

As one, they had tip-toed towards the source of the distraction, carefully dragging chairs across the room with them so that they could take a peek together.

They stared in awe and wonder, and the sight that met their eyes. Something magical was happening…

Now continue the story. Make sure you use a range of punctuation and try hard to make your writing interesting and believable.


  1. ... and they couldn’t believe what they were seeing, leaning closer, unaware of what was happening around them. The cold, icy white light was mesmerising. Darkness. The blinding light irritated their eyes. Lillyanne, Jasmine and Jovvannà all rubbed their eyes and blinked rapidly. They had only just realised that they hadn’t had any sleep. Veronica, their mum had been sitting on their beds watching them closely, checking if they were okay. Dáne, their father was at work, trying to provide for his family. As the girls approached the bathroom, they jumped, seeing their mother tut and shake her head. To Be Continued.