Friday, 16 June 2017

Carry on camping

We have just come back from our residential.
Tell the rest of the school what we did there.

What activities were there?
What did you enjoy the most?
Did you overcome any fears?


  1. Ayomide O 6 red2:41 pm, June 20, 2017

    On residential there was a lot of activities there was:
    Crest a run
    Team building
    I enjoyed all the activities, but my favourite was pot-holing.
    I loved the way how people cheered u on ( especially when you were scared) and encouraged you
    I did not over-come my fears of height, but enjoyed nearly everything ( not kayaking)

  2. The activity I enjoyed the most was kayaking because jerome fell in at the end of kayaking and Nathan and shanika had to swin for the boat

  3. Amarnie year 6 red2:42 pm, June 20, 2017

    residential is really fun with all the amazing activities for example: kayaking, the cube, cresta run, archery, pot-holing and other great activities.
    My favorite is the cube because i over came my fears ( hights ) which was the hardest thing for me to do.
    The most difficult one to do was pot-holing because i dont like being in tight spaces and some of the tunnels were really small.
    but i enjoyed all the activities the same.

  4. I really enjoyed the kayaking and it was really funny when people fell in the FREEZING water. I finished the cube and helped others overcome their fears. The pot holing was messy and scary because it was dark and the torch was not working properly. I liked archery because I scored a bullseye. Residential was a exceptional great experience which I will never forget.

  5. Alejandra 6 Red2:46 pm, June 20, 2017

    Some of the activities were: rock climbing, pot-holing, kayaking

    My favorite activities was kayaking even though I dropped from the boat just when I got on it, we did a very good team work because every time someone dropped from the boat we tried to help them as much as we could

  6. 1.We did pot-holing, kayaking, crestrun, team building, the cube, shelter building and archery.
    2&3.The thing I enjoy the most is the pot-holing because I overcame my fears and it was really fun doing it with my friends.

  7. There were: Pot-holing, Kayaking, Archery, Crate-stacking, Rock climbing, Pedal racers, High ropes, Team challenges, Tent building and Cresta run.

    I enjoyed Pot-holing the most as it felt like I achieved something and I felt proud of myself because I am claustrophobic. Also it was very fun and everyone worked together to make everyone go through, it involved a lot of teamwork. The tunnels were very unique aswell! I also overcome my fear.

  8. At residential there were lots of activities like:
    Rock climbing
    The Cube ( high ropes )
    Crestra run
    Pedal racing

    My favourite activity was the cube because it really tested your balancing skills, your climbing skills and also how good your grip and jumping skills.

  9. My favourite activity was kayaking even though I didn't want to drop in the water and everybody else did but I didn't want to.
    My least favourite activity was rock climbing because it was so hard and I scrapped my leg on the metal part
    The activitys that we did were
    Rock climbing
    Peddle racing
    Cresta run
    The cube
    Shelter building
    And I think that is it I didn't really like orientation because it was boring and we only found 3 numbers

  10. There were: pot holing,orienteering,archery,the cube,team challenges, crate stacking, kayaking, cresta run, shelter building and vehicle racing (I am not quite sure what it's called)
    I enjoyed pot holing the most because I overcame my fear of the dark.

  11. there were:
    rock climbing
    pedal racers
    high ropes
    team challenges
    tent building and Cresta run

    I enjoyed pot-holing the most because I conquer my fear of being under once I came out the tunnel I was proud of myself I wanted to do it again. in my group there was a lot of tears coming from the tunnel but we did our best and we did it

  12. The activities:Pot-holing,kayaking,archery,cresta run.The thing i enjoyed the most was rock climbing as I overcame my fear of heights.

  13. My favorite activity is pedal racing this is because i won most of my matches and i was the champion although Selisa had the fastest time.

  14. Adrian Year 6 red2:47 pm, June 27, 2017

    My favourite activity was pot-holing

  15. i enjoyed the disco and the camp-fire. i liked when all of the groups came together and we had to look for wood to put in the camp-fire. then in the after dinner we all came back and had a great time.

  16. my favorite activite was pot-holing because Nathan shouted out that there was a rabit and everyone moved back and got scared and some people shouting for no reason and it was funny

  17. At residential the best activity was orientating because we got to explore the camp which i thought was amazing and we saw lots of wildlife.

  18. In residential there was a lot activate and my favorite was poLholing and it was scary
    and fun.

  19. At Residential we did a variety of different activities including; rock-climbing, kayaking, cresta run and many more my favorite activity was potholing as there was real teamwork and resilience.

  20. I liked crest a run it was like a fast roller costa that was my favourite activity there

  21. Alejandra 6 Red2:42 pm, July 04, 2017

    I also enjoyed the cube, first I thought it was easy but when I was nearly at the top I discovered that it wasn't that easy but even though I was scared I completed it.