Thursday, 30 November 2017

Rambashi's Jungle Grill

In Year 4 we have been preparing to turn our classroom into a Jungle Grill just like in our story The Firework Maker's Daughter. We have been learning all about recipes and looking at weight 
measurements in our maths. 

Image result for Rambashi jungle grill

Below our some games to test out your weighing skills. Can you write a comment below given everyone else some tips so that they don't make mistakes. 


  1. 1. you count what the scale is going up in

    2. then you look where pointing then put the answer down then check its rigt

  2. Tips about the weight games if you know what is between 100 and 300 or 700 and 2000 that means you should know its the same as 1-3 or 2-7

  3. This term year 4 has been learning about a story called the FIRE WORK MAKERS DAUGHTER so far we are up to the part were Lila meets pirates and the leader was called Rambashi he use to have hens but unnfortunely they died so now he's being a PIRATE.